dinner hour menu


                                                                                          ⸎ the dinner hour                                

focaccia with olive oil  6

golden beets with feta  8.5

trio of salads  10

tomato and mozzarella salad with torn croutons    8.5

country pâté, mustard, cornichon & focaccia  9

gtf salad with grapefruit and pecans   8.5

mushroom fritters on onion jam and pea top pesto  10

pommes frites with aioli*  6


fish stew with chinook, prawns, ceci and aioli*  14

buttermilk fried chicken with cabbage slaw  10

pork rillettes with sour cherry mostarda  8.5

agnolotti with roasted summer squash and pesto  12

shrimp cakes over an orange/celery salad  10


chocolate, almonds, whipped cream, whiskey and caramel  6.5