dinner hour menu


the dinner hour 

focaccia with olive oil 6

pork pâté with focaccia, cornichons and mustard 9.5

crostini with mozzarella, roasted pear, and balasmic reduc 7.5

ham and mozzarella croquettes on aioli* 9

mixed greens, oranges, and roasted almond 8.5

semolina gnocchi sauteed in butter with lemon ricotta 9

batter fried tetsukabuto squash with sriracha aioli* 8.5

celeriac and apple chopped salad with sweet mustard vin 8.5

fried polenta with roasted tetsukabuto, bacon, maple syrup 9.5

wine braised beef over creamed celeriac with walnuts 11

golden beets and lemon caper salad with almond 8.5

pork rillettes with sour cherry and apple mostarda 8.5

shot of cream of carrot soup and focaccia 5

honey jalapeño fried chicken with cabbage slaw 9.5

pommes frites with aioli* 6