Weekend Takeout Menu

dizzy Pastries


Sandwich in the hand-
made on house english muffins and packaged

to eat on the go.

fried chicken / spicy slaw* 10.
mushroom cake / scramble / spinach 8.
prawn cake / scramble / purple cabbage
lentil cake / scramble /chard 6.
ham / scramble / cheddar 6.
bacon / scramble / swiss 6.
sausage / scramble / onions 6.

gtf greens with beets and walnuts 9.
confit chicken leg on white bean 9.
ragu on polenta 10.

soup packaged to warm at home; 6.
-curried carrot
-ham and lentil

“He was my cream, and I
was his coffee. And when
you poured us together, it
was something. “
-Josephine Baker

*Pre-order morning buns the day before you want them by