Breakfast Menu


We always have morning buns, scones, cookies, danishes, espresso , and tea

⸎ the dizzy hen                                            

please be safe and well

drinks-full espresso menu

coffee 2.50      tea 2.00


rootbeer soda  2.5

two towns, bright cider  5.

mimosa    6.5

bloody mary  8.5

screwdriver    7.

house lemonade※   4. /vodka spiked lemonade 8.


omelets & potatoes.

bacon / roasted garlic / pepper jack   12.

ham / broccoli / cheddar   11.5

mushroom / kalamata olives /  feta     11.5



other things

brick chicken sando- cole slaw / aioli* on house English muffin  9.5

breakfast sando-sausage/ scramble/ grilled onion/ sweet potato puree    8.5

traditional breakfast-two eggs*/ meat/ potatoes/ toast  9.75  biscuit  +1.

the dizzy-poached eggs*/ ham/ chard/ biscuit/ gravy   11.5

biscuits and gravy   7.   add two eggs*    +2.

French toast of dried cherry bread pudding/ sausage/ apple  11.5  maple syrup +1.

pork ragu with grits and a fried egg*  10.5

vegan hash with curried lentil cake  10.5

spring risotto with an asparagus/ golden beet / arugula salad  12.5



d.g.’s trailhead white bean and ham soup   6. add two poached eggs* 2.

curried sweet potato soup  6.  add two poached eggs* 2.


kids love  scrambled eggs, bacon and toast -or- slice bread pudding with sausage   6.5