Takeout dinner menu- Jan. 14-15

We are excited to try something new for our discerning patrons…….and for us as well a new challenge to spice up our kitchen.  Phones are open at 4:45 to order. Can’t wait to feed you!

the dizzy hen takeout dinner menu

mixed greens with apples, pumpkin seeds and herb vinaigrette 7.5

mixed greens with golden beets, blue cheese and herb vin 7.5

Foccacia with extra virgin olive oil and pinch of salt 4.5

butternut squash soup 5.5

farro and ham soup 5.5


bollito of brisket over root vegetables, broth and gremolata


prawn cake over braised artichokes and arugula


game hen over polenta with sweet potato and kalamata olives


mushroom strata over butternut and broccoli


semolina gnocchi with herbed ricotta, roasted onions,

tomato and spinach


chocolate mousse cake with caramelized orange